Plasma Medicine & Its Applications

Electrical power and discharges have been used for decades in electro-surgery for blood coagulation, tissue removal, etc. Plasma scientists have recently realized that low-temperature plasmas are quite useful for various other medical treatments, including hand/skin sterilization, wound healing, cell apoptosis/regeneration, and so on. These applications of low-temperature plasmas represent an emerging and rapidly growing frontier in low-temperature plasma science and technology. A deeper understanding of the nature of these phenomena is indispensable for future technological development. We are collaborating with engineers, biologists, and medical doctors around the world in this rapidly growing and very promising new area.

Uptake and diffusion modeling of plasma generated reactive species into biomaterial
(Yeon Ho Im)

Recently, plasma interactions with biomaterial have attracted great interest in the field of plasma medicine. In spite of their importance, our limited knowledge in this research area prevents us to understand the basic physicochemical phenomena for the potential applications. To address this issue, this work focuses on numerical modeling for plasma interactions with biomaterial in order to elucidate the basic behavior for diffusion and uptake of plasma generated reactive species into biomaterial.