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Profile: Dr. Carly Anderson

Research Interests

My research focuses on the transport of reactive and/or charged species (generated by plasma) across interfaces. In low-temperature plasma systems, the flux of such species across the interface is influenced by mass transport limitations (subject to diffusive or convective forces), electrical fields, electrochemical phenomenon, and/or chemical kinetics. Our goal is to explore and explain the importance of these effects in various applications. 

For more information about my project, visit the page for plasma-liquid interactions

Dr. Carly Anderson completed her PhD in December 2016 
as part of the Graves and Clark Research Groups. 

Email: ceanderson (AT) berkeley (dot) edu

B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2008

Associate Engineer 2008-2011 
Dominion Engineering, Inc.

Photograph of streamer corona discharge used in experimental work above ultrapure water. For additional device and method details, please see the Publications and Procedures areas of this site!